What is a Personal Brand?

Personal branding is the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual.
It’s the association people have to your name. Every tweet you send, every status update you make, every picture you share and even every word you say in social company contributes to your personal brand. It is an amalgamation of multiple daily actions, as well as your connection to other people and organizations.
Because of social media and our subsequent levels of visibility, personal branding is one of today’s leading career strategy topics and an essential tool for thriving in today’s work environment. It helps you attract business opportunities through playing to your strengths and communicating expertise to your chosen target audience through your online, verbal and networking channels.
The end outcome is about getting so known for one important thing that key clients, employers or recruiters come to you. A personal brand is there to build trust and dependability, resulting in peace of mind and referrals that result from your high gradient dealings with others.

Why is Personal Branding Important?

Consider why you visit some websites or blogs more than others. Or why you feel compelled to reach out to some experts when conducting research.
Our perceptions of others and what they stand for have always been important – it’s just that now, we have a name for it.
Building your own personal brand correctly is important because you have to know and articulate what value you bring to the marketplace to stand out in a sea of other contenders.
Wouldn’t you want a potential employer to say upon meeting you “wow, they understand our industry and have the insight and experience that’s perfect for this role?”

Grow Your Personal Brand

Personal Brands are for everyone, not just for celebrities or entrepreneurs who own their own businesses. They can be the secret sauce that makes you stand out in a stack of resumes. If you don’t develop your own personal brand, others will do it for you. Developing your personal brand is the proactive way of controlling your career development and how you are perceived in the marketplace. ​
A strong personal brand impacts your ability to get the right jobs or promotions and increases your ability to attract talent and capital.

Finding Your Brand

Identify your strengths and what makes you unique. Think about the characteristics and strengths you’ve built in your career. If you are stuck, think about that one area where everyone says you excel. If you’re still stuck, ask others to give you an honest assessment of what they think of when they think of you.

Build Your Brand

Successful people recognize the importance of developing their personal brand. Branding is so important that I have studied many personal branding strategies in my lifetime.