Social Media Training



Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms for any marketer to master and if you
only ever invest your time and effort into one single social media platform, it should
probably be Facebook. The impressive stats surrounding Facebook are by now old
news but they are still worth repeating. Facebook is nothing short of the second biggest
website on the net – right behind Google. If Facebook were a country, then it would be
one of the largest in the world.
Facebook has 1.44 billion monthly active users, at least 72% of Facebook users check
in every month and every day about 936 million people will check in. 65% use it daily.
Among those users, the average time spent on the site per visit is 21 minutes.
In total there are 1,310,000,000 people who use Facebook regularly, which includes
680,000,000 daily users. Every 20 minutes, there are one million links shared, two
million friends requested and three million messages sent.