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10 Simple Social Media Marketing Strategy Boosters

Whatever strategy you employ for your social marketing, it must be facilitated with wisdom. The following ten tips will help you create a more effective strategy for your social media marketing success.

Your business is on a mission: conquer the world of social media for marketing purposes! You must understand the quirks and nuances of the social media marketing machine as well as the people who power it. Use these tips to boost your campaign and influence in social media marketing.
1) Blog regularly and relevantly. Studies show that those who blog every day see five times as much traffic as those who only do it weekly or less. Keep your content on-topic and chock-full of helpful information for users.
2) Incorporate customer service right into your social network. Make sure your customers can access every aspect of your business easily, right from your social media pages. Be transparent and honest with customer service by letting the whole world see it.
3) Use check-in deals. Localized social media messaging is a great tool to get people interested in a daily or instant deal. Offer great rewards for people who quickly respond to the specials you post on Facebook or Twitter.
4) Single out customers who post frequently on your pages. Every business has a few customers who are far more vocal than the rest and most of the time, these people are great assets. Talk to them individually, thank them often publicly and find them an occasional deal that really knocks their socks off.
5) Highlight the problems you solve, not just the products you push. People can buy things anywhere, so distinguish yourself from the crowd by providing solutions. What ever you are selling, have a social section just for newbies to the product and make sure they are offered quick and competent help.
7) Give users a reason to “like” you. An instant message for 20% off their first order placed with you, or something to that effect will make them really glad they chose to add you to their favored repertoire and much more likely to place an order with you.
8) Add social following and share icons to all your sites and communications. Your main webpage, every email and especially printed or radio ads. Make your name synonymous with your network pages.
9) Follow fewer users than are following you. Search engines actually show preference to users who have a large following but follow few themselves. Be gracious, but highly selective in who and how many you follow.
10) Work on your social skills. It sounds obvious, but many business people are not as socially savvy as they think they are when prowling networks and reaching out to the community. Check out other social media pages and read up on public relations strategy to make sure you are putting your best social face forward.

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