Social Media Marketing

Avoiding Social Media Traps

A growing number of consumers use social media to interact with others. The opportunity for business venture is astounding. Creating a social media presence gives you the ability to interact with more customers than you could ever possibly help. Unfortunately if you fail to use social media correctly, you can hurt your business in a very public way. Even just not using social media to its maximum potential is a mistake- it’s an extremely inexpensive way to bring in a lot of customers.

👉 LinkedIn is the mecca of building business to business relationships. The whole point of the site is for professionals to be able to meet and interact; no silly cat pictures allowed here. This is a great place to not only promote your business, but also make new contacts, discuss strategies, and find new employees or employers. Being able to interact with others in your field can give you invaluable information and this is a great new way to network with your peers.
👉 When creating your social web page, don’t be afraid to add a pop of personality. You want your business to make a personal connection with your customers. Think of how your business would act if it were a real person and post accordingly. By connecting with your customers on an emotional level you help to promote brand loyalty and repeat business.
👉 Social media is an inexpensive way to promote your business, but it will take some time to grow your social circle. Don’t expect floods of customers the first day you post your site. You will need to spend some time promoting your brand before you can really take advantage of the huge network that social media allows you to create. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the results you want initially. Instead step back, refocus, and try again.
👉 Don’t allow your social media page to languish. Plan on posting updates every week or so, even if they are small. Part of the reason that social media is so powerful is that it keeps your brand in the mind of your customers. You can’t get that benefit if you never post to your page. You don’t want to clutter your follower’s feed by over posting, as they will just remove you from their list, so you will need to find a happy medium that fits your customer base.
Social media is an infant business, so it is hard to know what is the right approach to take. Flexibility is going to serve you extremely well as you adapt to this ever-changing space.

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