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I’m very excited about LinkedIn and what a powerful tool it can be to help you grow your business and build your team.
The challenge is, you have to know how to use it correctly. And I certainly didn’t.
I picked up a bunch of great tips from this FREE webinar: Discover The Untapped Power Of LinkedIn To Build Your Business And Grow Your Downline.
I’m passionate about supporting all network marketers, so I wanted to share this as a gift because it’s been so helpful to me.
Looking forward to staying in touch!I’ll be honest, as a network marketer I really struggled to get new customers and team members. And after I burned through my warm market I was really lost and didn’t have a clue how to find new people to talk to.
Then I came across a webinar about how to use LinkedIn for prospecting and recruiting, and honestly, it changed everything for me.
And because I love the network marketing industry, and want to support network marketers in whatever way I can…
I wanted to share this with you.
Here’s a link to the webinar, Discover The Untapped Power of LinkedIn to Build Your Business and Grow Your Downline
I hope this helps you as much as it has me!
Let’s stay in touch.

Crack the LinkedIn Code

I spent years trying to follow “the system” and recruit “old-school, belly-to-belly”.
I know some top earners have been successful at it.  But not me!
So, I figured social media was the answer, and I jumped into Facebook.
The problem is…

Facebook Is Getting Very Crowded

It’s no secret…
Getting attention and your prospects to take action on Facebook has become an uphill battle.
Especially for anyone who doesn’t already have a MASSIVE following.
Which is why I decided to “fish” in a different lake… LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Is The #1 Business Social Network

LinkedIn is where business professionals go with ONE goal in mind… connect with other professionals and talk shop.
It’s NOT a place where people post cute pictures of their pets. What kind of salad they had for lunch.
Or spew angry rants.
When you make a connection on LinkedIn… you can pretty much skip the whole “song and dance”… and move right into selling your products, services or business opportunity.
Now as exciting as all this sounds, there is something you need to know…
Because LinkedIn is a completely different animal… you can’t do what you’ve been taught on Facebook… expecting people to take you seriously, and get any kind of results.
As a matter of fact, a lot of the tactics that work like crazy on other social media platforms, will simply backfire here.
It takes a BOLD NEW approach to make LinkedIn work, especially for network marketers.
Fortunately, I found a system that’s cracked that code!
And, as a fellow network marketer, I’d love to share it with you.
>     A simple 5-step process ANYONE can use to get the HIGHEST QUALITY prospects… and quickly turn them into customers and team members.
>      A sure-fire method to rapidly build rapport and develop UNSHAKABLE TRUST with your audience.
>      How to create a KILLER LinkedIn profile! With a few clicks… you’ll turn a dull and dry looking profile into a NON-STOP sales and recruiting machine… WITHOUT being salesy or spammy whatsoever.
> Leads and Sales
> Get interested Prospects who are reaching out and booking calls on our calender!
>This Strategy is so simple and powerful it’s crazy!
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