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Why Twitter is Perfect for Digital Marketing

Just before we jump in and start looking at all the strategies and hacks you can use to get
ahead on Twitter, let’s take a moment to examine what it is about Twitter that’s so perfect for
helping you get the word out. At the same time, we’ll be looking at what it is about Twitter
generally that has helped it to get to the point where it is.
Low Time Investment
The key idea behind Twitter is really that it limits the number of characters you can post or
‘Tweet’ (to 140 to be precise). What’s interesting about this concept is that on the face of it, it
sounds like a limiting factor. Twitter has restricted its users and made that a ‘feature’.
But this is a stroke of genius in an age where we’re constantly pushed for time and constantly
inundated with things to do. And from a marketing standpoint it’s amazing because it takes
literally a few seconds to send out a Tweet, versus uploading a blog post. That Tweet has the
potential to be seen by thousands, if not millions of people but it took you only seconds to write.
That’s a huge payoff for a very small amount of work, which makes it massively scalable, even
for a tiny company.
At the same time, the short amount of characters means that people will read the entire Tweet
without getting bored and it means that you can convey a large amount of information in a very
short timeframe. Tweets force you to be witty and to really make sure every word counts, which
means a dense amount of information in a short space – great for someone in a rush.
Another stroke of genius is the hashtag. With a hashtag, you can convey the subject matter of
your Tweet in another convenient way. A post about a beautiful sunset then could end with
‘#beauty’ or ‘#sunset’. Better yet, you can use the hashtag to discuss something that is currently
being discussed a lot or that is very contemporary. For instance, if you see something in the
news, you can comment on that news using the right hashtag. This means that people who are
interested in that subject can then search for the keyword and see all the posts on that topic –
it’s a great way for people to find what you’ve been sharing! You can also tag other users in
your comment with the ‘@’ symbol, which is a great way to get their attention or to discuss
something they have said or done.

Finally, Retweets mean that anyone who enjoys your content can share it with their followers.
Like the best social media sites, this allows Twitter to take full advantage of the viral potential of
any social network. In theory, a very well-thought out Tweet can be Retweeted multiple times,
allowing it to spread exponentially through networks of users. If you share a Tweet with 2,000
people and 200 of those re-share, and 50 of each of their users reshare… you’re starting to
reach a gigantic audience.

Additional Features
On top of the core features of Twitter, the platform has also grown to present many more
opportunities that we digital marketers can make use of. There are tons of apps, widgets and
other platforms for instance that make it very easy to enjoy Twitter in a convenient and bitesized format. Mobile users can even receive Tweets from users they’re following as
notifications, giving you much more direct access to your audience. Likewise, embedding
Twitter into the sidebar on your website can also aid growth considerably, as can using one of
the countless tools that allows you to automate the publishing of Twitter content. And that’s
before we’ve even mentioned the formalized advertising platform…
We’ll look at how to use all these features and much more over the coming chapters. For now,
the point to keep in mind is simply that Twitter has grown beyond its origins and is now an
incredibly flexible tool. In fact, it is perhaps the most flexible social network, thanks to its
minimalistic nature.

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